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Kovocentrum Jiskra

Kovocentrum Jiskra s.r.o. provides together with the subcontractors the complete design and production of all kinds of tools for: Al high presure die casting, Al gravity die casting, Al Low pressure die casting, Al sand casting and construction of the further tools and toolings.

Krabička - výkreskrabička - modelKrabička - odlitekKrabička - výrobek.

We work together with the customer just from the beginning of the project, it means we participate on the product design (tool) through the verification (simulation of the casting) and manufacture of the tool. We secure the prototypes, testing series, tests. During the project realization we provide the complete mechanical processing, surface treatments and assembly

Advantage for customer:

  • cooperation with only one supplier
  • no need to coordinate the single subcontractors
  • no need to coordinate the purchase and logistics of single components
  • no need to inspect the components
  • no need to coordinate the production processes

We take care of everything for you.

Example of the complete process of industrial part

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