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FE Parts


We are equiped by a belt sawing machine, with the following parameters:

  • Cutting speed: 80/40 m/min
  • Max. sawn ø (by 0°): 170 mm
  • Max. sawn ø (by 45°): 120 mm
  • Max. sawn ø (by 60°): 70 mm
  • Max. sawn profile (by 0°): 170 mm
  • Max. sawn profile (by 45°): 110 mm
  • Max. sawn profile (by 60°): 60 mm


We provide welding solely of the Fe parts. The used technology: LORCH M-PRO 300 ControlPro. The welding is done in an atmosphere with mixed gas.

Laser and the Fe stamped parts

Kovocentrum Jiskra s.r.o. can supply various bended and welded parts.

There are simple and low serial parts as also complex and large serial parts in our production range. For the first group we use the manufacturing method of laser cutting (the cut accuracy 0,2 mm) and subsequent bending. For the second group is more suitable to use the progressive stamping. Further it is possible to weld this components into the weldments on a robotic welding workplace or manually using the productive welding machines.

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