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About the company


Foundation of Kovocentrum Jiskra s.r.o. Company was oriented on the processing and surface treatments of the Al castings.
Purchase of a new production building. The firm extends its production program and capacities in cooperation with the foreign partners.
Company is a comprehensive supplier and provides the deliveries of the entire units and assemblies to the customers.
Company increases the production and space capacities.
Company has been reformed with regards to the centralization of the production and stock areas.

Company structure

  • Number of employees: 40
  • Average annual turnover: 5 mil. €
  • Process area: 2 500 m2
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2009 (from the year 2010)
  • Customers – location: 90% foreign, 10% Czech Republic

Production branches

Electro-industry, valve actuators, audio-video accessories, medical industry, automotive industry, commercial services

Productive activities

Company flexibly follows the customer´s requirements.

We cooperate on the design of the manufacturing tools and toolings, we secure theirs production until they are presented for the serial production. Following to it we provide the supplies made by this tools (castings, Extruded Al parts, EPS mouldings, Plastic mouldings, Fe Stampings and so on)

We do the machining, powder coating, and assemblies of the production units (from partial assemblies till complete assemblies ready for the market). We take care of the purchasing of the single assy components.

We practice the pressure tests by the Al castings, we secure required atests from accredited test shops as well.

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