Integral part of our company is powder coating.

Powder coating is a process of the powder application by creating of the electric field between the powder and coated part. Due to the different polarity the powder is attracted to the surface of the part where sticks and makes compact layer. The layer is further hardened at temperature 160-190°C. The powder melts and makes coating of 60-200 microns.

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We are ale to coat the parts having the maximal dimensions 120 x 115 x 80 cm and the parts which have to fit in to the imaginary block having the dimesions: 155 x 80 x 160 cm

Used kinds of powder coating materials:

The most significant benefits:

It is needed to make some pre-treatments in order to secure the required coating adhesion.

We use the barrelling, shot blasting, anodizing (in cooperation), degreasing or phosphating in our company.

Control processes after the powder coating: